Longyan Jiulong Water Pump Manufacturing Co,.Ltd is more than 60 years experience in the production of pump, water pump, and has inherited the "water dragon" brand trademark.. At the same time the new large pump test-bed reached

   The company has specialized in pump research new products, new technology research and Development Institute; in recent years to strengthen technical cooperation with the Jiangsu Polytechnic University, Beijing cruise High Tech Co. Ltd Shenyang pump Institute

we are looking for the pump agents who are specializing in new products. 

D、DG、DF、DY、MD multistage centrifugal pump
CS series single stage double suction split centrifugal pump
XBD-JLW Type Fire Pump
XBD-CNDH Type Fire Pump
DL series vertical multistage fire fighting pump



Copyright: Longyan jiulong water pump manufacturing Co., Ltd.     Address: long Gong Lu, Fujian Province Economic and Technological Development Zone of Longyan city   Tel: 0086-597-2962330


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